It’s the 21st century and our lives are just getting busier. Household issues, late meetings or grandmom’s forgetfulness. Excuses are abundant, but not acceptable. We here at SpeedMedicine not only take the responsibility of being your online doctors, but want to be a part of your family to ensure you take your medicines on time.

How do we plan to achieve that?

Give us a call or register online with your prescription and leave the rest to us! Our specialised team of pharmacists will check the prescription and give you a call back. We sort your medications and deliver on time. But wait, what about your hectic schedule? We ensure you get timely text messages as reminders. Joining hands with more than 200 families already and we can’t wait to be a part of yours.

Never run out of your medicine

Never miss your medication

No mix up with a wrong medicine

Get your medicines delivered at your doorstep for free and on time